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Madeleine Holly-Rosing Author Interview

Welcome to Ink & Magick. I'm your friendly neighborhood witch. What kind of spell can I get for you (or your character) today?

A spell that gives me more time each day to do my work would be amazing. Could you do that? Pretty please. :)

*Chuckles* Bending time isn't something that take lightly, Dear. I might suggest plenty of sleep, healthy food, and exercise to keep your brain at its peak. You're sure to get more quality work hours that way. Please, tell us about your #supernatural #steampunk novel Boston Metaphysical Society: A Storm of Secrets.

Politics and power. Demons and spirits.

When ex-Pinkerton detective Samuel Hunter married Elizabeth Weldsmore, the heir to one of Boston’s Great Houses, he knew his life would change forever, but he never expected the return of Elizabeth’s psychic abilities. Not only do they have to keep it a secret, but Elizabeth must learn quickly how to master them. For a psychic in a Great House is a political liability which her father, Jonathan Weldsmore, knows only too well. As the Great Houses jockey for power, the three of them must contend with treachery, subterfuge, and potentially a new demonic threat, in this political and supernatural thriller set in an alternate-history Boston of 1890.

This novel is a prequel to the graphic novel, Boston Metaphysical Society.

Steampunk!!! I love it. So would you say you emphasize story, characters, or tech?

Definitely character. My stories tend to be more steampunkish in nature; however, a few are primarily ghost stories. They are all alternate-history. I do love to combine science and the supernatural though.

As do I! There seems to be a lot going on here. Tell me more about the psychics in your world. How do you handle supernatural creatures?

Most psychics are Irish, though there are a few exceptions. They are rare in the Boston Metaphysical Society (BMS) world, and their talents vary from simple fortune telling to telepathy to being able to push the barriers of time and space. That ability is extremely rare. There are demons in the BMS universe, though you only get a hint in the novel. You actually get to meet different kinds in The Demons of Liberty Row (A novella and part of the

Boston Metaphysical Society: Prelude anthology) and Here Abide Monsters (A short story and part of the Some Time Later anthology from Thinking Ink Press.) There is a demon sub-culture that you'll see more of in the next novel and graphic novel.

What kind of research did you have to do for this?

The research actually started a long time ago when I was writing a script for the Sloan Fellowship while I was getting my MFA in Screenwriting at UCLA. Called Stargazer, it was about a Scottish-American woman named Mina Fleming who came to this country pregnant and was abandoned by her husband in late 1800s Boston. She found a job as a maid for the director of the Harvard Observatory where he noticed her attention to detail. She was hired to be a female computer and eventually discovered over 10,000 stars and developed a new stellar classification system. (Based on a true story). I'm happy to say I won the Fellowship. That research was the basis for Boston Metaphysical Society.

Congratulations. Look at the beautiful cover art! Why don't you give a shoutout to your artist? It's my understanding that this novel is a prequel to a graphic novel series. Is the artist the same? The artist for the cover of A Storm of Secrets was Luisa Preissler. Anke Koopman did the title graphics. Emily Hu was the artist for the original graphic novel series while Gwynn Tavares took up the mantle for the sequels: The Scourge of the Mechanical Men and The Spirit of Rebellion. For those looking for the original graphic novel, Source Point Press picked it up and they are re-publishing the individual issues, and the trade will be re-published early next year. You can order Issues 1 & 2 at your local comic book store now. (Order #MAY191907 and JUN191915). However, you can purchase the original six issue mini-series from me at a convention.

Which one of your characters surprised you?

Caitlin always surprises me. She has been through so much, yet manages to stay positive. I think that is one of the many things her father, Andrew, imparted to her.

Who is your favorite (or least favorite) character and why?

In the graphic novel, it's Granville Woods. He's smart, resilient and the scientist of the team. For the novel, it's a toss up between Andrew O'Sullivan and Sampson. They are both intelligent and strong men who are sensitive to those around them.

If you could time-travel, would you travel to the future or the past? Where would you like to go, and why would you choose that time period?

That's a tough one. I'm a big fan of running water, electricity, and modern medicine, so going into the past would be quite a challenge. And the way things are going I'm not sure I'd want to jump into the future. But if I could go be a fly on the wall somewhere, I'd like to check out Sparta before the Battle of Thermopylae. I love ancient military history and those guys were badass as well as the women. (BTW, don't use the movie The 300 as an accurate portrayal of either the Spartans or the Persians.)

Noted! What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?

Write reviews!! You have no idea how much that helps on places like Amazon, Bookbub, and the rest. And of course, tell your friends.

What can we expect from you next?

I'm currently outlining the next graphic novel, which will bring the team back to Boston (The Spirit of Rebellion was set in Philadelphia.) It will also include the demon I introduced in Here Abide Monsters. I've also started on the next novel series, which is set during the time of the House Wars (my version of the American Civil War.) That will be fun to write as I will be able to focus on two of my other favorite characters: Gwen Warrick and Beatrice Weldsmore. Gwen was introduced in a short comic story, which was part of the trade paperback, and Beatrice is in my novella, Steampunk Rat, which is also part of the anthology, Prelude.

You certainly have your hands full. I can understand why you want a spell for more time. Keep calm and full steam ahead!

The writer/creator of the Boston Metaphysical Society graphic novel series, companion novel, and short stories, Madeleine has also run a number of successful crowding campaigns and published the book, Kickstarter for the Independent Creator. She is the winner of the Sloan Fellowship for screenwriting, and the Gold Aurora and Bronze Telly for a PSA produced by Women In Film as well as having won numerous awards while completing the UCLA MFA Program in Screenwriting.

Formerly a nationally ranked epee fencer, she has competed nationally and internationally. Madeleine is an avid reader of comics, steampunk, science fiction, fantasy, and historical military fiction.

Boston Metaphysical Society: A Storm of Secrets, was recently awarded a Silver Medal in the SciFi/Fantasy category as well as The Write Companion Award for Best Overall TOP PICK — Adult, Children's and Young Adult categories in the

You can connect with Madeleine on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And you can get your copy of Boston Metaphysical Society: A Storm of Secrets at any of these retailers.

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