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Elle Lewis Author Interview 2

Welcome back to Ink and Magick. Is there a spell I can get for you or your character today?

Sloan definitely needs a spell to increase her knowledge of The Universe. Genesis Rising begins with her under the protection of The Warriors of The Guild. There is still so much she does not know and is trying to understand. It can be overwhelming, but I think she handles it well. ;-) But let's give her a little spell to help!

Sometimes we can find the answers we seek by looking within...and sometimes only life's experiences can teach us what we need to know. While a quiet place to meditate may help, an inner honesty must be present to truly learn. So how about a spell for honesty with self? Here is one I found on Llewellyn's website:

  1. Write your name on a piece of paper.

  2. Fill a clean jar with salt and a handful of dried or fresh sage leaves, leaving the lid off.

  3. Put the paper in the jar and swirl the contents until the paper is completely submerged while imagining an open conversation with yourself and an inner truth coming to light (alternatively picture yourself submerged in white or yellow light). Keep the jar in the room where you meditate or beside your bed while you sleep.

This is the second time you have visited us to talk about your #darkfantasy novels. The first time was to talk about Dark Touch, the first book of The Glass Star Trilogy. Why don't you tell us about Genesis Rising, the second book?

Sloan is now under the protection of The Warriors of the Guild, sentient beings designed to protect the Universe against Dark Ones. As the hunt for Darrow begins, Sloan is drawn deeper into their world.

An intergalactic war between Warriors and Dark Ones ignites, with Sloan caught precariously in the middle. Sloan fights to return home, to the one place she has always felt safe, and to the man who has claimed her heart.

However, war is complicated, and it comes with consequences. Sloan must come to terms with the truth of her natural born energy and also accept her new role within the Universe.


I woke reluctantly, awareness a persistent irritation, forcing me to wake up. A hand encircled my wrist, warm and strong. The sound of waves met my ears. Wind blew over me, scented with the salty brine of the ocean. My body position felt odd. I was curled on my side, but something held me suspended. The smallest movements sent me rocking, gently, back and forth. I opened my eyes.

Crisp yellow light and blue sky filled my vision. I squinted, allowing my eyes to adjust. As the world came into focus, my chest tightened. Disorientation clouded my thoughts as I gazed at a pristine beach. The sand was perfectly white, the sun sparkling on the powdery granules. Tall palm trees swayed in a tropical breeze, their green fronds shaking against the sky.

I sat up, trying to push myself up. My hand gave way to thick canvas. I looked down and realized I was in a hammock. Cato sat next to me, his deep golden wings spilling onto a patio. One of his massive hands was wrapped around my left wrist, golden light blazing from his fingertips. He released me as I sat forward. The light snapped out.

It seems a lot has happened since last you stopped by. Tell me more about The Warriors of the Guild and the Dark Ones. What are they? Who are they?

The Warriors of the Guild and Dark Ones are sentient beings that were created by The Source. They are designed to balance the energies that exist within the Universe. The Warriors are composed of Light Energy while the Dark Ones are composed of Dark Energy. Genesis Rising further delves into the lore of Warriors and Dark Ones. The veil is pulled back, allowing the reader to understand the motivations of these complex beings, and be exposed to their desires and beliefs.

And what is this natural born ability of Sloan's?

She was given Genesis Energy at her birth. I don't want to say too much! But it is a very powerful creation energy, and its emergence holds great significance, not just for Sloan, but for the Universe.

This book is a sequel, but can it be read out of order? Or should readers read Dark Touch first?

Genesis Rising stands alone well, however I think the reader would benefit from reading Dark Touch. The events that unfold in book two hold more significance if Dark Touch is read first.

Which characters surprised you?

An exciting aspect of Genesis Rising is that the reader is exposed to many new Warriors as well as Dark Ones. One character that surprised me is Dante. He began as a background character. But as I wrote the story, he took on a strong presence. Dante has never been to Earth before and Sloan is the first human he has ever met, so their interactions are really fun.

What can we expect from you next?

My next project will be called OR 16. I plan to transition into the #horror genre and write a book set in the operating room. I've been a procedure nurse for six years, and currently work as an OR nurse. I can't wait to use my medical knowledge and combine it with my dark imagination to create something truly terrifying!

That does sound truly terrifying! Well, thank you for coming by again. Good luck until next time!

Elle Lewis lives in Florida with her husband, son, and two phenomenal orange cats named Cheddar and Binx. She is a nurse by profession, but her heart belongs to monsters, fictional worlds, and all things conjured up by the imagination. She dreams of one day moving to the mountains and living in a small town that resembles The Shire.

You can connect with Elle on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Genesis Rising is now available for preorder on the publisher's website (use the preorder code: Preorder2019 for 15% off!) and Amazon.

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    Lieber lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John) and cats (Yin and Nox).

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