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The Fanciful Troupe of Curious Travelers


Wandering the Realms

Welcome, Traveler. You have come far to be here, and your journey is not yet over. The road is long, but you may rest here for a while.
Have a cup of something warm, muse over your journey, and meet other Travelers.
You may wander the realms, but you are not alone.
The Fanciful Troupe of Curious Travelers is a "fan" club for D. Lieber and her works. Members have privileges not afforded to other readers. If you join, you will be the first informed of news, have access to stories not shared outside the group, and be able to purchase FTCT-exclusive merch. Every traveler will also be given a passport, in which they can collect annual stamps at D's live events. Travelers are encouraged to interact with each other as well as D.

So how do I join?

Your new journey begins when you purchase one of these exclusive Traveler items on the shop page.
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