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Kelly Fields Character Interview

Two atomic bombs fell on Japan. A year later, the High Council from the Pleiades began sending 144,000 Wayshowers to Earth. These Wayshowers were sent to help bring in the new Earth. While experiencing some important events during their lifetime, they learned to live consciously, and to receive instructions in their dreams.

Eighteen years after the second great world war, the Avant-garde Wayshowers are ready to go to college, or to be drafted for another war. They remember hearing the stories about the last war, and they aren’t too keen about being involved in any war. While this new war is starting to unfold, the High Council will be on track with the plan of the ages, and it’s now in full swing.

These Wayshowers were told by the High Council that there will be Avatars along the way to help them. In what is nearly a twenty-five year period that an adult life is lived, marriage, children, buying houses, therefore full of exciting surprises, and challenges. The Wayshowers performed their mission, which is to learn, and experience this time of their life on planet Earth. They certainly contributed to helping make the planet a better place to live. And after working in their occupations and raising their families, they are ready to transition into the next phase of the plan.

They will receive some help, but it won’t always be easy, and after they are gone the people on Earth will need to carry on without them. As they move into the final phase of this plan, they will continue to learn, and to be prepared for more of the adventures that are there throughout the galaxy.


It’s Richmond, IN, it’s 1965, and mommy’s little girl is looking to go off to college.

“Margaret, what do think of this one?” her mom said.

She put down her brochure of one of many school prospects and said, “Which one mom?”

Elizabeth wanted her to go to a local college, so she would be close to home. “How about Miami University?” Elizabeth said.

Margaret replied “I don’t know, Mom. I’ve got several offers, and I’d like to see some new places.”

Elizabeth then said, “Well, give me a list of a few that you like, and we can pick one out.”

“Okay Mom, I love you.”

She looked at her daughter and said, “You are so very special to me. I love you, too.”

That night, Elizabeth had a very puzzling dream. She was taken back to the High Council, but this time she wasn’t a visitor. “What am I doing here and where is my Guide?” she said.

Ambrosia answered her and said, “Elizabeth, you are an elder from Maia, and your presence is needed back on the council. Your Guide was you all along.”

She felt very cold because she knew what this would mean, and she didn’t think she was ready. “So I’m back on the council tonight to help out with something, and my Guide and I are one again?” she said.

The doctors were puzzled because she was very healthy, so they just listed her death as of natural causes. This was a very sad day for the Brown family. They weren’t sure they could go on without Elizabeth.

Connor went off alone into the woods and asked God, “Why did you take her from me, and our children? Don’t you know how much we love and need her?” He then thought from his heart how did I survive two wars and then have my wife taken from me in her sleep? No answer came back audibly but after many a tear, Connor was given the strength to carry on.

Margaret stayed at home and postponed college for a year, just to make sure her dad, and brother would be okay. After several months passed, she had a dream that would change her life forever. “Mom is that you?” she said in her dream.

“Yes dear it’s me” replied Elizabeth, who now was called Terames from her native planet of Maia.

Margaret was so excited to see and talk with her, she said, “Mom, I miss you so much. What happened, why did you die?”

Terames answered her. “My dear we don’t die. We just move on to our next life, or back to where we are from. Now dear, I want you to go off to college, your dad and brother will be fine.”

She woke up and decided where she would go to school. In the fall of that year, she would go to Montgomery, Alabama, and study at Auburn University.

Welcome to Ink & Magick. I’m your friendly neighborhood witch. What kind of spell can I get for you today?

Let’s talk about the book Avant-garde

Interviewer: Good morning, Miss Miller, Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Tamla: Good morning! My name is Tamla Miller-Green. I’m from Montgomery, Alabama. I’m married to Shasha Green-Miller, we meet in 1982 during the harmonic conference on Mt. Shasta. We were both teens and quickly became friends.

Interviewer: I see you followed in your mother’s, Margaret Brown-Miller, footsteps and went into politics. Can you tell us about how her career sparked you to do the same?

Tamla: She is an inspiration to many people. Her dad fought in WWII and the Korean Conflict, and her mother died shortly after she finished high school.

Interviewer: That’s a tough thing to have happened at such a young age. How did she deal with losing her mom?

Tamla: Well, at first she took a year off from going to college to make sure her dad and brother were okay. Then after a dream she had, she decided to leave Indiana and go to school in Auburn, Alabama.

Interviewer: Why did she pick Auburn? Did the dream have something to do with it?

Tamla: Yes, the dream was one where her mom talked with her. In this dream, she told her everything was alright and that she would be with her always. Her mom even suggested that she go to Auburn University because there was someone there for her to meet.

Interviewer: Okay, so how does this tell how she inspired you?

Tamla: That’s a good question. I guess you might say she listened to some good advice and because of that she became a great leader.

Interviewer: Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. What kind of leader was she? I mean, did she hold high office positions?

Tamla: Yes, she did. at first I helped her run for the U S House of Representatives, and she was elected the first time! Then after serving many years, I took over her position when she retired and returned home to Alabama. After taking some time off and visiting the seven spiritual sites, she was informed in a dream to return home and run for Governor.

Interviewer: informed in a dream, who informed her, her mom?

Tamla: Yes, it was her mom and some others, too.

Interviewer: Are you saying your mom took all her directions from her dreams only? What did your dad think about all this?

Tamla: My dad didn’t have to think about them. Since they first meet at Woodstock, he has been in all of her dreams.

Interviewer: You’re really spooking me. If he is in her dreams, then she would still have to tell him about them right?

Tamla: No, what I mean was they both communicated with each other in these dreams.

Interviewer: Let’s talk about her life after being a governor of Alabama.

Tamla: When she retired from politics in general, she was presented with a lifetime award from the current U S President. My mom spent the majority of her life helping others while writing poems and songs.

Kelly Fields has worked in the engineering field for over thirty years. He wrote this his first book in 2015, a couple of months after his mother left this earth. He had never wrote a book before, and this one took about three months to write. Since then, he has written two more books to complete this series. Currently, he has another book of poems from the teachings of the Buddha and is working on a romance novel about two medical doctors that find each other after two very eventful lives.

You can connect with Kelly on his blog, and you can purchase Avant-Garde on Amazon.

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    Beyond her skeptic and slightly pessimistic mind, Lieber wants to believe. She has been many places—from Canada to England, France to Italy, Germany to Russia—believing that a better world comes from putting a face on “other.” She is a romantic idealist at heart, always fighting to keep her feet on the ground and her head in the clouds.

    Lieber lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John) and cats (Yin and Nox).

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