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R. L. Baxter Character Interview

Gideon Joust is your average twelve-year-old boy, with all the growing insecurities one would expect following the mysterious disappearance of his father. On one fateful day, the boy’s world is turned upside down—leading to a chance encounter with a brash child warrior: Kibishi the Crimson Samurai.


Lowering his swords, the samurai becomes entranced by the blinding display that fills the sky from all areas of the town. Marveling up at the wonder, Kibishi is in awe.

Kibishi: It... It looks so beautiful. What kind of magic are “fireworks” made from?

Gideon: It’s not anything to do with magic at all. All you need is some gunpowder and a few other components.

The blonde haired boy stares upon Kibishi’s eyes that are mesmerized. The samurai drops both swords carelessly, taking no notice of a single thing around him. This continues for many moments before a familiar and loving voice is heard from nearby.

Jill: Hey Little Hero, you cannot stay here looking up at the show forever, you have work to do remember?

The little samurai turns around to find Jill standing at the entrance of her home, bearing a smile.

Kibishi: Oh... Jill, you’re awake.

Jill: Yes. I thought it would be nice to see you off before the pair of you continued your journey. Knowing you, you plan to take off in the dead of night so that you do not have to say goodbye to us. As promised, there will be no more tasks that you’re required to do from me—so I take it I won’t be seeing you again?

Amidst the dazzling fireworks, the woman and boy stare upon one another—eyes both beginning to well up with tears.

Welcome to Ink & Magick. I'm your friendly neighborhood witch. What kind of spell can I get for you today?

Kibishi: A spell? I thought this was supposed to be an interview. Sigh… have we taken a wrong turn and ended up in some evil witch’s lair? *Looks to Gideon*

Gideon: No silly. She’s merely breaking the ice between us. I doubt she’s a real witch.

Kibishi: Huh? “Breaking the ice?” But there’s no ice here.

Gideon: *Rolls eyes* Sigh… I’ll explain another time Kibishi.

Ok, let’s get started shall we? The first question is for Gideon. How did you first meet Kibishi and become friends? It’s quite uncommon to befriend a so-called samurai.

Gideon: *Laughs nervously* Haha… yeah, about that. Umm, do you mind asking another question? We didn’t meet under very good circumstances.

Kibishi: *Shakes head before slouching into the chair* Jeez, you’re such a wuss! We met after I found him being kidnapped by a pair of numbskulls. I killed them and then Gideon has been following me around ever since.

Gideon: Kibishi: *Mildly elbows Kibishi’s stomach* Now’s not the time to be your usual brash self. We’re having an interview, so show some respect.

Ahem… oh wow, that’s very interesting. So tell me Gideon: why did you decide to follow Kibishi, instead of going home to your family?

Gideon: *Looks down and pauses* Well my mother passed away recently, and my father disappeared about three years ago. However apparently…

Kibishi: *Covers Gideon’s mouth before interrupting* All you need to know is that we intend to find Gideon’s father. Does that answer your question lady?

Oh my… you seem a little defensive. Do you have a problem with my questions?

Kibishi: *Rolls sleeves before leaning forward* Listen up, Mrs. Ice Witch. I don’t know you from Adam and for all we know, this could all be some sort of trap!

Gideon: Don’t be ridiculous Kibishi. Not everybody is out to get you, even though you do have a bounty on your head. And she’s not an ice witch either.

Haha, you two are so amusing. Ok, this question is for Kibishi. What are your three most favorite things in the whole world?

Kibishi: *Perks upward attentively* Oh I know! Mine are: Macaroni and cheese, fireworks, and fighting. No need to ask Gideon his favorite things. They’re most likely boring stuff, like reading. Bah!

Gideon: At least I can READ! My three things are: reading, discovering new things, and making friends.

Kibishi: *Bursts into laughter* Bwahahahaa! Oh god… did you just say “making friends”? You sound like such a baby.

Gideon: *Turns to the interviewer* Mrs. Neighborhood Witch, please forgive the actions of my rude friend here. He means well, although it doesn’t always seem that way.

Ok then. Well I guess I can overlook his bad behavior, just this once. However if he keeps this up, I will have no choice but to ask security to remove him.

Kibishi: Huh? You mean those annoying men in suits, outside? They kept following me around during our toilet break. So… I kinda cut them down. Sorry about that.

Gideon: *Slaps own forehead and gasps* You did what? Kibishi… please tell me you’re joking?

Kibishi: It’s the truth Gideon. I kept telling them to back off, but they didn’t listen.

Gideon: *Takes hold of Kibishi’s collar* That’s because we’re minors! They’re supposed to be watching over us you dolt. It’s the law!

Well it’s safe to say that this interview is over. I am going to be needing you both to come with me. Harming security staff is not OK. As a matter of fact, I’ve already called the police.

Kibishi: *Slowly peers to Gideon*

Gideon: *Slowly peers to Kibishi*

Kibishi: Shit, make a run for it, before she casts a spell to freeze us! *Runs to the exit door before kicking it down*

Gideon: Ohhh this is all your fault Kibishi. Remind me to never do an interview with you, ever again! *Follows behind and runs into the distance*

Get back here you criminals!

Ricky Baxter is the author of Gideon and the Crimson Samurai, a fantasy novel released for Amazon Kindle. He is an avid blogger, giving advice and thoughts to fellow creators from all walks of life. His other works include Mother Gaia and a slew of over seven titles. Currently, he lives in London, England where he writes and blogs. Starting out as a composer since graduating with a BA(Hons) in music and multimedia, Ricky worked for many independent short film directors—for over six years, gaining notable IMDB credits. Since then, he has embraced his earlier passion of writing fictional stories.

You can purchase Gideon and the Crimson Samurai, as well as other works by R. L. Baxter, on Amazon.

Connect with R. L. Baxter on his website or on Facebook.

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