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Upstate NY Research Trip Day 2

I slept like a rock last night. I almost cancelled this trip because I was worried about the COVID surge in the area. I asked my tarot cards what I should do because I was really torn on the subject. The reversed Hermit stared up at me, telling me that I've stayed away from people for too long, withdrawn into myself. But I was still worried, so I went that extra mile and got some N95 masks instead of my regular surgical ones. I was confident that I would be okay (mostly) because I'm vaxed and boosted, and it's the very beginning of the tourist season here. Anyway, I slept so hard (for ten hours) because I had to take a Benadryl. Why did I have to take a Benadryl? Because my face broke out in a rash from the N95 mask! I knew I had sensitive skin, but jeez... I never even knew that was a possibility.

I'm fine now, rested and rash calmed. I'm disappointed, and a little worried, since I have to go back to regular surgical masks over N95s. Fingers crossed I don't get sick while on this trip! I got really sick on my research trip to Russia and missed out on a lot of good information. I don't need that to happen again.

After my long sleep, I got ready and packed up to head to Fort Niagara. It's not important to the story I am working on, but it was the one thing my husband wanted to see while on this trip.

It was chillier today than it was yesterday, and it was threatening to rain. I was glad I brought my winter coat and rubber boots along just in case.

I'm not a huge fan of going to historical military sites, especially not where any active fighting happened. But it was interesting to see the old buildings. The first stone structure that the French built on the site, which is now referred to as the French Castle, was called The House of Peace. For a place that was supposed to be "peaceful," it held an awful lot of soldiers. I made this little video to show you around.

*There are two short parts where I put music instead of audio because I later found out that what I was telling you was factually inaccurate. Can't have that!*

I also took some still pictures of the castle as well.

These are my two favorite photographs from the fort.

This one because I shouted down that "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!"

And this one because I feel like that goose standing at the very edge of the wall looking over the lake is thinking to himself: This is my domain. This is my fort, my grass, and my lake. All is well in my domain.

It just makes me giggle to myself.

After we went to the fort's little museum, we travelled down to Niagara Falls to check into our hotel (The Giacomo). We ate at a local burger place (Flip Burger). In my opinion, the burger wasn't as good as one from Five Guys, but the fries were better. I don't know why I compared it to Five Guys. It just seemed similar, I guess.

After dark, we walked down to the American Falls to see them all lit up. I felt so energized as we walked along the river. And I was surprised at the little bit of apprehension I felt as we approached the falls. It's not like I was in a boat! But still, my heart gave a little jump as we got nearer the drop-off.

I was told that the falls would be lit up with different-colored lights, but there was only a white light when we got there. Still, it was pretty.

Maybe it was because it was dark, but it didn't seem as far a drop as I expected. But I think the falls on the Canadian side are bigger. We are headed to the state park tomorrow to check it all out in the day time.

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