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Upstate NY Research Trip Day 1

The first day of my writing research trip to upstate New York was mostly driving, not great considering we were on the highway most of the time. But I did stop in Erie, Pennsylvania and took a picture with Big Foot! He was sort of quiet, but he didn't pull away when I held his hand.

After quite a few hours on the road, we eventually reached our hotel in Lewiston, New York. I was pretty tired by then, so I had a quick tuna sandwich for dinner and took a walk down by the Niagara River. Even this late in the day, and this early in the year, the air was pleasant and carried a springtime warmth that made the walk enjoyable.

Canada was just on the other side of the river. Even with my bad eyes, I could see it. I have to say, the Canadians seemed to be having a better time than we were on our side because I could hear live music from the other bank.

I also saw some historic and artistic sights down by the river.

This was a monument to all of the enslaved who escaped through the Underground Railroad to Canada. This would have been their first glimpse of the freedom Canada promised.

And these were some cute bear carvings outside what used to be a coal silo along the river, which is now a restaurant. So adorable!

Tomorrow we are headed to Fort Niagara. For now, I think I'm going to relax my muscles, sore from sitting in a car all day, with a nice soak in the jet tub.

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