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Once in a Black Moon cover reveal!

I'm thrilled to reveal to you the cover and blurb of Once in a Black Moon! YAY! Once in a Black Moon is a time travel fantasy romance, which will release March 3 (but is currently available for preorder).

I can't tell you how very excited I am about this upcoming release! This book has it all: Mounties, fae, wizards, shapeshifting dragons, First Nations and Romanian folklore. Oh my gods, so so so much research went into this. You have no idea (historical novels—even the fantasy kind—are super hard, you guys!) But I am so very proud of the results. It was well worth the effort. I hope you love it as much as I do.

I also want to give a special shout out to my cover designer, Section 28 Publishing, for another beautiful job.

With no further ado *draws curtain back*

Chicago journalist Erin Nichols isn’t about to give up when she’s fired for writing an exposé. But when a combination of murder, magic, and celestial events transports her through time and space to 1900 western Canada, city hall corruption becomes the least of her worries.

But the past isn’t any safer. Awaking to learn she may be the victim of some unknown crime, Erin takes shelter with the local Mountie—the picture of upright Canadian fortitude. As tragedy stalks the nearby First Nation reserve, Erin learns from a Romanian mystic that magic is dying, and the fae are turning to their darker natures to survive.

While the reserved and sexy Mountie helps her navigate a time in which she doesn’t belong, the mysterious and seductive conjurer helps her try to find a way home. As they alight feelings and desires Erin never knew she was capable of, she begins to wonder where she truly belongs.

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    D. Lieber has a wanderlust that would make a butterfly envious. When she isn’t planning her next physical adventure, she’s recklessly jumping from one fictional world to another. Her love of reading led her to earn a Bachelor’s in English from Wright State University.

    Beyond her skeptic and slightly pessimistic mind, Lieber wants to believe. She has been many places—from Canada to England, France to Italy, Germany to Russia—believing that a better world comes from putting a face on “other.” She is a romantic idealist at heart, always fighting to keep her feet on the ground and her head in the clouds.

    Lieber lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John) and cats (Yin and Nox).

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