In Search of a Witch's Soul Cover Reveal

"Love is always magical; and nothing blows hot and cold like a witch’s soul. This is a magical book, with a whole lot of soul." — Simon R Green, author of the Nightside series

Human, private detective Anna Caill isn’t keen on the prohibition of magic enacted by the 18th Amendment, but she won’t deny it’s good for business. The coppers couldn’t care less about the witches’ problems, giving her any number of clients to choose from.

In fact, without their magic, she wouldn’t be able to get her fix of Living Memory, a spell she uses to relive memories of her dead soulmate. And she needs that spell if she plans on living a normal life with her family and her childhood friend Jack.

But normalcy isn’t in the cards when intriguing and mysterious witch Jesse Hunt saunters into her office to hire her to find his friend, the high priest of an ancient coven.

All evidence suggests the high priest ran off with his lover. But with a killer stalking the magical underworld, Jesse and Anna are bent on finding him.

Look at the cover! Isn't it just beautiful? I am so excited to share the cover and description of my upcoming urban fantasy noir. Special shout out to Section 28 Publishing for working so hard to make my cover dreams a reality.

Be sure to stay tuned in the coming months for news on giveaways, events, and preorders.

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