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Lea Kirk Character Interview

A heart-rending loss…

Flora Bock will never forgive the Anferthian invaders for murdering her birth-parents. Growing up with the grandson of her sworn enemies is living a nightmare—until the day she sees him through the eyes of a young woman. But giving her heart to him is the ultimate betrayal of her parents’ memory.

A life in peril…

There are precious few places in the galaxy where Fander K’nil is safe. One look into Flora’s beautiful, hate-filled eyes is proof enough that Terr is not one of those places. He must keep her at a distance and stay alive long enough to fulfill his destiny. No matter what his heart desires.

An empire at stake…

Just as Fander and Flora begin to discover the depth of their feelings for each other, they are thrust into a deadly game of politics and assassination with an enemy who stops at nothing to stay in power. With the lives of everyone they love at risk, they must find a way to avert a new invasion before it’s too late—even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

Exclusive excerpt from Collision by Lea Kirk:

Flora gave Fander a hard glare. “They’re flowers. Don’t you have flowers on Anferthia, or do you have to steal them from other planets?”

His eyes widened, and his mouth hung open as if her hostile tone shocked him, which it shouldn’t. He must’ve known before coming here what his people had done to hers. “Of course, we have native flowers on Anferthia, but nothing this tiny. Most of them are big and smell good.”

“Well, goody for you.” She picked another clover flower.

“Do those have a scent?”

“Do you ever shut up?”

“You do not have to be rude.”

“At least we don’t go to other planets and kill people’s parents!” There. She’d said it, and now he knew.

Fander rose to his feet, and she stood up with him and sneered. “Aren’t you kinda short for an Anferthian?”

“Aren’t you freakishly tall for a Terrian?”

Years of pent up anger exploded through her like a bomb. She pulled back her fist and swung. The punch connected with his eye, and he stumbled and fell back on his skinny green butt. A victory whoop popped out of her, and she danced on her toes, shaking her tingling hand.

Now who’s crying, creeper?

A large blue hand clamped around her thin wrist like an iron band. Another hand grasped the back of her shirt and jerked her away from the ’Ferth kid. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. It was either Poppy, Uncle Dante, or…. The hands spun her around.

Uncle Graig.

A very angry Uncle Graig.

Welcome to Ink & Magick. I’m your friendly neighborhood witch. What kind of spell can I get for you today?

Fander: I am Fander of Anferthia. Great is my pleasure to meet you. I have heard of witches from Terrian lore, but I do not need any spells cast, thank you.

Terrian? What’s that?

Fander: It is what the known galaxy now calls the planet you know as Earth. Terr means kindred in Matiran. The people of Matir protected Terr for thousands of years. No one knew it even existed, until recently.

How did you find out about it, then?

Fander: Terr’s existence was revealed by a Matiran traitor. (shifts uncomfortably) Then the Divine Warden of Anferthia ordered an invasion.

Oh. Well, this is awkward.

Fander: A little, yes. I was a very young child when it happened, and ultimately the invasion failed. In the defense of my people, not all of us agreed with the Divine Warden’s actions. Some even helped the Terrians and Matirans free Terr from Anferthian occupation.

How do you feel about the invasion?

Fander: I have many reasons to despise Divine Warden T’orr. He is one of the reasons I traveled to Terr with my grandfather when I was eleven.

Terr allows Anferthians to visit?

Fander: My grandfather was the first Anferthian Ambassador to Terr. This is how I met Flora Bock. Her adoptive parents lead the charge, as you would say, to free Terr.

Ooh, this sounds juicy. Tell me about Flora. Is she Terrian, or Anferthian?

Fander: (grins) She is all Terrian. And she hated me at first sight.

Huh. That’s not what I’d hoped to hear.

Fander: Her birth-parents were murdered by Anferthians during the invasion, so her feelings were understandable. Things between us got better over the years, until she discovered my true identity.

Which is…?

Fander: Forgive me for declining to answer that question.

Well, at least you’re polite about it. So, are all Anferthians as tall as you?

Fander: Most are taller, nine to twelve feet by old Terrian measurements. I am several inches shy of nine feet, a fact Flora likes to remind me of often. (chuckles) This was the impetus of our first…disagreement. For a Terrian, she has always exceeded average height expectations, but as a child she did not appreciate such observations anymore than I did about being a short Anferthian. She made that clear the first day we met.

Sounds like she was a rambunctious child. Has she mellowed out at all?

Fander: She has. But, a fire still burns in her soul. If it did not, I would not be here doing this interview with you.

Are you saying she saved your life?

Fander:(smiles enigmatical) Literally, and in other ways.

I’m intrigued. How do I find out more?

Fander: My author-creator, Lea Kirk, just released our story. She entitled it Collision, which describes not only our relationship, but also our situation, quite succinctly.

Thank you for stopping by, Fander of Anferthia.

Fander: It has been my pleasure. Thank you for inviting me. My author-creator has sent a small gift with me for you: An exclusive excerpt from Collision—slightly edited to meet your word-count parameters, of course. Coincidently, it is the moment of the disagreement I mentioned. I was eleven and Flora was ten.

USA Today Bestselling Author Lea Kirk loves to transport her readers to other worlds with her science fiction romance Prophecy series (Prophecy, All of Me, Salvation, and Collision). She’s made one foray into paranormal with her Kindle World vampire novella, Made for Her. When she not busy writing, she’s hanging out with her wonderful hubby of twenty-eight years, their five kids (aka, the nerd herd), and a spoiled Dobie mix pup.

You can connect with Lea on her website, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Bookbub, Amazon, and Goodreads.

You can get your copy of Collision from Amazon US, Amazon Global, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.

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