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Meet Rowan, werewolf guardian of Wilhelm Fireleaf. Rowan has had it rough over the last decade. He's had to guard two faelings from bloodthirsty vampires all by himself, while the wolf who should've been guarding Konner, Wilhelm's older brother, abandoned him for some high-class fae.


To tell the truth, he did teach Konner some self-defense, so he doesn't have to watch him too closely. But still, he can't help feeling like he has to protect them both. He's sacrificed a lot to keep the Fireleaf brothers safe. He didn't even go to the Wolf Moon Festival, and that's his whole future. What kind of guardian leaves her intended bondmate to fend for himself? He's about to find out.


Art by Andrew Clark (

Rowan Art Print

  • an art print with protective sleeve

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