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Upstate NY Research Trip Day 4

Today was a travel day.

We checked out of our hotel in Niagara Falls this morning and headed to Alexandria Bay. Along the way, we stopped in another Pagan supply store in Rochester. It was called Mythic Treasures, and it was the biggest metaphysics shop I've ever seen. They had everything! The atmosphere wasn't as warm and fuzzy as Strange Brew, but it had a nice neutral energy—sort of feeling-what-you-bring-along-with-you type thing. The staff was friendly. I got a new suncatcher and a wonderful palm fluorite that just seemed to want to come home with me.

We continued on the lake route, taking country roads. I must be spoiled because I could NOT handle not having cell signal. How was I supposed to catch up on my Webtoons without signal? That was my first world problem for the day.

Eventually, we ended up back on a highway. At a small rest stop, there was a little tent set up near the doors—farmer's market style—with honey, maple syrup, jams, and apples. I purchased some maple cream (apparently that's a thing!) from the girl running the table, and I can't wait to try it on my toast tomorrow morning.

We stopped for dinner at a Texas Roadhouse. But since we're being so careful about COVID (especially since I think I've seen two people during our four days here wearing masks), we ordered to-go and ate in the car. I ordered a baked potato and a side salad. That little plastic knife they give you to cut your food is ridiculous. But now I guess I know what it's like to eat a baked potato hotdog-style.

Finally, we reached our hotel (Capt. Thomson's Resort) in Alexandria Bay. I have to say, maybe I'm just not fancy enough, but I like this little motel SO MUCH BETTER than the high-priced hotel we stayed at in Niagara Falls (The Giacomo). I have a little balcony right over the St. Lawrence River, and it faces Boldt Castle.

The soft lapping of the water is so nice and soothing, and the space in the room is allocated in a far more functional way. My only complaint is that New York mosquitos seem very hearty. How are they out already?

Tomorrow we're taking a boat to Dark Island, where Singer Castle is, to start my proper research!

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